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Frequently Asked Questions

As everything else on this site, this section too is still incomplete. Hopefuly, it will be filled with information as the project goes along.

  1. General
    1. What's this all about?


What's this all about?

The idea behind this project is to create a powerful tool for playing around with network traffic. The basic concepts are simplicity and flexibility. Instead of building tool that does something specific (and does a good job at it), we're trying to build a tool that will be able to do whatever you want it to do (and still be good at it :). To put it very simply, you write a script that will be invoked for every packet that passes through your network. You write your scripts in a Tcl, fully blown, interpreted programming language. That fact guaranties that you won't be constrained in your creativity.


18 Oct 2002
Version 0.2.2 released. This version contains few minor feature improvements, such as log file rotation.

20 Mar 2002
Project name changed to ntal (Network Traffic Analyser) due to conflict with registered trademark.

16 Feb 2002
Version 0.2.1 released. It's primarily bugfix release and it should be signifficantly less linux-dependent.

08 Jan 2002
Initial version the GUI package released

30 Dec 2001
Version 0.2.0 released. This version features improved threading engine, improvements to scripting engine, ...

23 Nov 2001
New threading model is under design.

09 Nov 2001
Version 0.1.1 released. Bugfix release.

03 Nov 2001
Added User's Manual to the Documentation section.

02 Nov 2001
Scripts section added to site.

01 Nov 2001
Version 0.1.0 released! This is the first public release.