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Here is just a quick reference for the Unix platform CVS client.

There are some more detailed docs on the CVS in the SourceForge Site Docs section.

  1. Anonymous (read only) CVS access
  2. Developer (read/write) CVS access
  3. WWW anonymous CVS access

Anonymous (read only) CVS access

- login to the project CVS server:

cvs login

If prompted for password, just press enter key.

- download (checkout) initial set of sources:

cvs -z8 co ntal

After initial login and checkout, you can go to the ntal directory on your local machine and execute other CVS commands without the -d parameter (cvs log src/main.c, for example).

Developer (read/write) CVS access

- tell the CVS client to use the SSH protocol client for authorization purposes:

export CVS_RSH=ssh

- set the CVSROOT environment variable to the proper path, so that you don't have to keep writing that ugly -d parameter all the time :) :

export CVSROOT=<username>

- initial checkout of the sources:

cvs co ntal

- check the status of your local copy against the sources on the server:

cvs update

- add or delete files from the repository:

cvs add myfile.c
cvs remove oldfile.c

- upload your modifications to the server:

cvs commit -m "comment on the new version"

WWW anonymous CVS access

You can browse on-line CVS repository at


18 Oct 2002
Version 0.2.2 released. This version contains few minor feature improvements, such as log file rotation.

20 Mar 2002
Project name changed to ntal (Network Traffic Analyser) due to conflict with registered trademark.

16 Feb 2002
Version 0.2.1 released. It's primarily bugfix release and it should be signifficantly less linux-dependent.

08 Jan 2002
Initial version the GUI package released

30 Dec 2001
Version 0.2.0 released. This version features improved threading engine, improvements to scripting engine, ...

23 Nov 2001
New threading model is under design.

09 Nov 2001
Version 0.1.1 released. Bugfix release.

03 Nov 2001
Added User's Manual to the Documentation section.

02 Nov 2001
Scripts section added to site.

01 Nov 2001
Version 0.1.0 released! This is the first public release.